Among the three main world manufacturers of ball bearing cables, <br />  Flexball is a worldwide qualified supplier of primary train <br /> constructors, brake system makers and train service companies. Flexball provides a wide range of electronic pedals for trucks,<br /> 
 light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles, defense vehicles, moving<br /> 
 cranes and wherever is required the acceleration of an electronic engine The production of control levers and cables for agriculture machineries is our core business since 1970 Our expertise allows us to engineer and manufacture remote controls for special applications and tailor made solutions, even in case of small batch productions Since 1970 focused on mechanical controls for marine engines, mainly<br />
 in heavy-duty applications, our most recent production of mechatronic<br />
 and fully electronic controls gives us a clear vision of the future Have a look at the high number of controls for construction equipment: mechanical, electronic, in standard version or customized

About Us

Business, Development,
Engineering and Production Capabilities

Located in Orbassano (Turin – ITALY), FLEXBALL ITALIANA designs, engineers and manufactures "Flexball" ball bearing controls since 1960, wire cables since 1970 and control boxes for many different kind of applications for various industries in Italy, Europe and others countries in the world.

The main business areas are:

  • railways, metro, tramways and transportation in general
  • agricultural machinery
  • construction equipment
  • professional and pleasure boat
  • motor vehicle industry

We manufacture controls, either mechanical or electronic, for all those applications which require the transfer of a motion either linear or rotary.
All design and developments are carried out with Solidworks, 2D and 3D Mechanical CADs, in order to accomplish the following tasks:

  • development of a product concept
  • perform fully associative top-down and bottom-up design
  • weight analysis
  • animations to analyze how the product will work
  • carry out of prototype design and industrialization

FLEXBALL has the full capability to design, test and qualify all its equipments. Specific tests like endurance, friction, vibration, sand, dust or salt spray are carried on the products before their final release.

All the critical parts of our controls are produced internally. Three assembly lines and two manufacturing workshops permit a full quality control during all the production processes and a detailed information of each component produced. This kind of organisation is a mandatory condition to fulfil the On Time Delivery and Quality requirements requested by our customers.



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