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Joystick series 700 combines proportional electric outputs with switches, rockers and push button. 

The above functions can be implemented on many different types of handles. Electrical outputs are full programmable for voltage, current, PWM and CANBus.
The electronic circuit is fully protected against water and any kind of contaminants. Thanks to its particular enclosure, IP67 is guaranteed for the whole electronic circuits and environmental contamination is minimized.
Measuring position is through Hall effect sensors which guarantee a precise proportional control in the whole working area with programmable reaction time for any kind of movement of the joystick’s lever.
Programming via PC guarantees full flexibility in the setting of the interface profiles. Its strong structure guarantees long life operation also in case of misused conditions.
The joystick is available in the versions:

  • single axis
  • dual axis (simple)
  • dual axis with full range movements
  • dual axis with limited crossed movements

  Download Datasheet