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Sustainability and Ethics

To win great challenges, you need to move the right levers


Since its foundation, Flexball Italiana has accepted the challenge of being an innovation actor, enhancing craftsmanship and human know-how, to trace new paths of excellence.
We aim to commit to a continuous innovation of methods and processes in our company safeguarding the environment through concrete strategies to limit and reduce harmful emissions.



We work hard to become a reference point in remote controls by growing our sectors of activity and our customer portfolio by using all our passion and expertise.
We compete in the market with transparency to ensure sustainable development of our entire supply chain and maintain excellent quality standards for the benefit of the end customer.
We always put people at the centre of our action as a starting point to envisage and build a new business model, based on the culture of training and the continuous transfer of know-how, to generate value for our customers and for the community.

  1. Excel
    We aspire to challenge the status quo and continuous improvement to generate value for our stakeholders; the achievement of excellence is a common heritage and a target shared by the Company.
  2. Respect
    Compliance with the local regulations in all the countries in which we operate, with the moral principles of peaceful coexistence, respect for competitors and reporting any irregularities are the foundations of our code of integrity and honesty.
  3. Conduct
    Conduct business responsibly, behave ethically in everything we do and make positive contribution to the local communities in Italy and all around the world
  4. Protect
    Confidentiality of contacts, personal information, intellectual properties, financial data of our customers, suppliers and partners is fundamental for establishing transparent professional relationships based on mutual trust.  


Flexball Italiana pays specific attention and care to the packaging of the processed products in order to guarantee the protection from atmospheric agents and safety during handling operations.